52 CAN-DOs Tip #1: Make Lemonade

52 CAN-DOs Tip #1: Make Lemonade

Early one morning I woke up, ran a few errands, then headed towards my local farmer’s market which I frequent every Friday –they’ve got the freshest corn, kale, tomatoes, peppers, apples, and more that I just can’t always get at the supermarket.

When I got home, I was ready to whip up some savory kale greens with olive oil and garlic. I searched my bags –no kale. I stopped at several locations during my errands “darn it!” I must have left that big bag of fresh kale at the very crowded before frustration could set in, I paused, realizing there were beautiful bright leafy greens poking out of the bag from the beets I just brought from the market.

How I made my pain, my progress –and the power of sweet

I must have confused them with the kale bag thinking I’d picked them both up.

I cut off the green and red leaves from my beets, washed and cut them into small strips, then sautéed them with red onion, fresh garlic, red pepper flakes, a small cap full of apple cider vinegar, dash of salt and a touch raw organic honey to taste — basically preparing them as I would have the kale.  Hands down the best greens I’ve probably eaten all year.

It’s incredible, the power of those greens –sweet beet greens. Who knew?


They were absolutely so delicious I forgot all about the kale. Plus, the greens of the beets are the most nutrient dense and full of iron –almost 15% of the daily recommended value. I felt so proud of myself that I was able to take something I would normally toss in the garbage and make it into a star dish. After all, didn’t our African ancestors given leftovers from the plantation (turnip, collard, kale greens, ham hocks etc.) have to make something great from all that they had to provide for their families? Adam Clayton Powell asked “what’s in your hands?”

Like a car, my mind switched gears—wait a minute…if simple beet greens could make me feel such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment –what else am I overlooking that if I just used what was in my hands, I could make into something amazing if I put my mind to it?

You’ve heard it a million times –and it’s true. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade by asking yourself, “What makes me feel happy, joyful, inspired?” and simply use what you have to make something better!

It’s incredible, the power of those greens –sweet beet greens. Who knew?


Monifa Maat is a certified fitness expert, nutrition activist and author of Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow™. Her mission is to inspire people to adopt simple, sustainable healthy habits that reduce chronic lifestyle diseases associated with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

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