52 CAN DOs TIP #5: Find Solutions For Your Resolutions

52 CAN DOs TIP #5: Find Solutions For Your Resolutions

In the beginning there was the word” John 1:1

Random House Dictionary defines the prefix “re” in Latin as “again and again” to indicate repetition; or “back” to a previous condition.

Year after year we find ourselves promising again and again to make changes, only to retract and revert back to old habits or a“previous condition”, better known as the New Year’s Resolution. The very word “re-solutions” according to the dictionary suggests a backward motion to a previous condition. Wait…but aren’t we supposed to be moving forward? The power of words are so important and how we think about those words, even more so.

The biggest challenge to keeping New Year’s Re-solutions

The biggest challenge boils down to both time and money. Here’s a scenario:  Janet works late nights, has two jobs, is married with three children and she’s a part-time student at a local college. She wants to provide healthy home cooked meals for her family, but feels she doesn’t seem to have the time or energy. Janet is frustrated because she knows too much fast food, “all-natural” pre-packaged meals, and sugary/salty/fatty “convenience” snacks are harmful to her and her family’s health. Yet it’s provided a quick fix for her busy schedule up until now. You see, Janet has just been informed by her doctor she is pre-diabetic and that if she does not lose weight and change her diet immediately she will most likely develop Type 2 diabetes in near future. How does Janet find the resolve to make a lasting change in her lifestyle in a seemingly impossible situation? What would you do?

A Solution for keeping New Year’s Re-solutions

One solution is a formula I like to call R.I.S.E, which stands for Resolve to stay Inspired to find Solutions to be Empowered”. Here’s how it works:

Be Resolved: Janet decides (or resolves) to try a whole new strategy; to not go back to her resolutions of the past.

Get Inspired: Janet worries if her health continues to suffer, how it will affect her ability to work and make contributions to the girls’ college fund which they’ll need in about 5 short years. She has to make a change!

No excuses, only Solutions: Janet decides to quit her gym membership ($250 per year) which she’s only used 4 times that year and 3 times the year before. She passes the savings on to her new grocery shopping budget and a series of home exercise videos. Janet uses her Sunday nights off to wash, cut and season her food for the week which will cut down considerably on prep and cooking time.

Become Empowered: With less time spent cooking in the kitchen than Janet had anticipated, she becomes more enthusiastic about cooking at home. Healthier food choices help to increase Janet’s overall energy level and confidence in her abilities to fit exercise into her daily routine, despite her hectic schedule.

Instead of making resolutions, Janet decides to seek solutions through R.I.S.E. Next week, we’ll explore in detail Janet’s amazing transformation through R.I.S.E through the following…

  • Janet’s grocery shopping list –comparing the costs of shopping for health vs. convenience.
  • How Janet manages to provide healthy, home cooked meals for her family in no time using the “7S Formula”.
  • An inside look at Janet’s new home exercise routine.

Monifa Maat is a certified fitness expert, nutrition activist and author of Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow™. Her mission is to inspire people to adopt simple, sustainable healthy habits that reduce chronic lifestyle diseases associated with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.