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About Monifa Maat


Greetings! I am a certified fitness expert, nutrition and food activist and author of Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow: 18 Mind Body Exercises for Strength Flexibility and Balance. My mission is to inspire people to adopt healthy habits that are simple, sustainable and effectively reduce body fat, ease joint pain, and dramatically reduce the risks associated with chronic lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and stroke.

My fitness training practice can best be described as“fitness therapy” + motivation for a total healing experience.  My approach involves the use of a variety of simple fitness tools and wellness habits which dramatically improve strength, flexibility and balance for a healthier weight, and overall wellness – no matter your age, gender, size, or fitness level.

Weight loss is just a pebble on a larger path towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Monifa Maat The Healthy Morivator


Here’s how it all started…We’ve all been there. I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed one morning to exercise. Right then and there I devised a series of flexibility and strength baring exercises on my bed with no equipment. Leg and arm lifts, core, back and torso strengthening exercises that over time gradually strengthened and toned my body. Along the way, I added a few of my favorite affirmations to the exercises inspired by biblical scriptures my parents quoted as I was growing up. Finally I added facial exercises and a closing meditation I did this exercise both morning and night, about 30 minutes per session.

Soon people began to notice and make comments about my weight and inner peace that seemed to radiate. In a few short months I not only lost 4 dress sizes, but much of the emotional weight I had also been carrying was lifted. I felt new found energy — transformed in body, mind & spirit.

I considered this routine my “private fitness oasis” as I called it, but when a family member suggested I seriously write about my experience, I realized at that point I could help others become more empowered  in body, mind and spirit with this simple, yet powerful fitness routine that had changed my life. A year later in 2009 I received my national certification in personal fitness training (NETA-NCAA) and published my first book, entitled Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be of service. This is why what inspires me is to inspire others to reach their fitness and health goals in a way that inspire others…and so on!

As “The Healthy Motivator I offer simple, sustainable health solutions that help people to embrace a healthier lifestyle joyfully and with purpose.

I embrace fitness as therapy to not only condition the body — correct poor posture, strength, balance and mobility issues that can lead to injuries and lack of mobility; but also to condition the mind and spirit which controls the body.