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Monifa is a motivator, has positive energy and will never give up on you.  What I finduseful are the moves I learn from sessions can be done at  home.  Also, Monifa has modified versions of moves so that sessions are  catered to each individual.

– M. Rumph, Bronx, NY

People come up to me in the gym now and make comments, and I see it for myself. My transformation has been incredible…I still can’t believe after 10 months working with Monifa I feel like she actually changed my body structure. My stomach is less than half the size it was, my posture improved dramatically, I’m stronger, I can get up and and down from the floor a lot easier, lift weights –I used to box, now I feel like I can fight again.

R. Evans, Bronx, NY

A great woman with a smile that makes you want to see her. Monifa has a way of pushing me to the limit…the sessions allowed me to fit in my wedding dress and not have to wearany tight accessories and look good.

Pat Rossy, Bronx NY

It’s not just my body, it’s my mind and my spirit she motivates. She makes you know you can do it! I call her Monifa “killer abs” Maat.

T. Garnett, Bronx, NY

I am pretty amazed that I can do some of the stuff that I do our sessions. They make me want to push myself more. No matter what fitness level you are she’ll push you to  get a great workout.

C. Harris, Bronx, NY